Windsor East and West are currently facing rapidly escalating urban decay and degradation. The area is well located within the City and provides valuable opportunities for access to affordable rental and sectional title housing stock.

WCSS aims to improve the area by taking action against the state of decline and to restore Windsor (East and West) to a suburb that the residents can be proud of. WCSS is a non-profit organisation and is not funded by any governmental or municipal contributions. Voluntary financial contributions are vital to achieve the goals of the WCSS.

WCSS will:

✓ provide gardening and cleaning services in the streets to cut the grass, trim trees, remove weeds, pick up litter, remove illegal signs
✓ work with COJ to enhance the current services
✓ report service-related issues to COJ and track that it is actioned
✓ report problems to supervisor to get assistance
✓ provide foot patrolling services that will be patrolling the streets and be responsible to react to incidents
✓ monitor CCTV cameras and report suspicious behaviour to the relevant authorities