WCSS Purpose

WCSS is a voluntary City Investment District where we rely on member contribution to enable us to appoint our staff. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS FROM MEMBERS & DONATION FROM INVESTORS GOES TOWARDS OPERATIONAL COSTS TO IMPROVE THE AREA. THEĀ  MANAGEMENT TEAM WORK ON VOLUTARY BASIS. WCSS offer full financial accountability to our members – any contributing member or investors are welcome to request copies of management statements. Phase One: Ground Maintenance Staff to be appointed to clean up the area. And while they are working, they must report issues that they spot, to their supervisor who in turn will report it to […]

Our Investors

The Apexhi Trust are the first investor that donated towards WCSS. This money was paid to us in April and we are excited to get it to work towards the area.There are other private investors who are supporting us, who do not want to be named. Thank you for your trust in us! This money was used to buy basic tools, uniforms, personal protection equipment (PPE), office stationery.More investors are needed, for us to get to phase two where we plan to put in cameras and appoint foot patrollers.