Welcome to WCSS

Welcome to WCSS

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Windsor Community Support Services

Windsor Community Support Services

Service to the community by the community

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Windsor Community Support Services


About Us


Restoring Windsor to a suburb that the residents can be proud of.

WCSS is a voluntary City Investment District where we rely on member contribution to enable us to appoint our staff.

  • WCSS offer full financial accountability to our members – any contributing member or investors are welcome to request copies of management statements.
  • Phase One: Ground Maintenance Staff to be appointed to clean up the area. And while they are working, they must report issues that they spot, to their supervisor who in turn will report it to CLM. All issues are tracked and escalated if needed.
  • Phase Two: CCTV cameras with monitoring stations. We add monitoring staff and foot patrollers to the ground maintenance.
  • The Apexhi Trust are the first investor that donated towards WCSS. This money was paid to us in April and we are excited to get it to work towards the area.
    • There are other private investors who are supporting us, who do not want to be named. Thank you for your trust in us! This money was used to buy basic tools, uniforms, personal protection equipment (PPE), office stationery.
    • More investors are needed, for us to get to phase two where we plan to put in cameras and appoint foot patrollers.

  • WCSS financial management is outsourced to Trafalgar Property Management.
  • This means greater accountability of the money paid to over.

Portfolio Manager: Patricia Naidoo Patrician@trafalgar.co.za; 0115443900

  • Area audits for both Windsor East and West were done and will continue to be monitored and updated.
  • The team as they work, also continue to monitor and record problems.
  • Other issues that are reported on an ongoing basis for e.g. sewerage leaks, are also tracked

Our Work




Gardening & Cleaning services


Reporting service-related issues


Reporting by-law infringements


Foot Patrolling



Put up your hand for change and become a member

WCSS aims to improve the area by taking action against the state of decline and to restore Windsor to a suburb that the residents can be proud of. WCSS is a non-profit organisation and is not funded by any governmental or municipal contributions. Voluntary financial contributions are vital to achieve the goals of the WCSS.




How do we do this?

✓ only appoint staff that resides in Windsor, have SA identification and has a valid police clearance certificate,
✓ provide employment and improve the economy of our area,
✓ train our staff to ensure that their skills continue to develop,
✓ implement detailed job descriptions for all our staff and implement measurable & auditable parameters.




WCSS will

✓ source investors to contribute/provide our equipment required, for e.g. gardening equipment and tools, CCTV       cameras for the area, PPE for our staff, vehicles, etc.
✓ ensure that all equipment and tools are always insured.
✓ implement an inventory system in place to protect our assets,
✓ maintain our assets,
✓ be accountable towards our investors re the assets and services that the investment is supporting.



✓ provide gardening and cleaning services in the streets to cut the grass, trim trees, remove weeds, pick up litter, remove illegal signs
✓ work with COJ to enhance the current services
✓ report service-related issues to COJ and track that it is actioned
✓ report problems to the supervisor to get assistance
✓ provide foot patrolling services that will be patrolling the streets and be responsible to react to incidents
✓ monitor CCTV cameras and report suspicious behaviour to the relevant authorities



✓ be accountable to all members regarding the use of the monthly contributions
✓ have our financials audited on an annual basis and distribute soft copies of the reports to all members
✓ schedule an annual AGM to report back to our members and investors, as well as appoint a new management team
✓ have a qualified CA appointed as treasurer to handle the finances
✓ not make any profit out of the contributions received
✓ invite all members to attend the AGM to contribute towards the strategy for the new year



Our Gallery

WCSS Staff members

Community Liason Manager: Mathabo Bekimbia-Tchoffo


Recent Work

Reasons for WCSS

•Lack of by-law enforcement and illegal land uses. Illegal churches create noise and traffic. There are also many unregulated crèches in the area. •Drug abuse and drug trafficking •Pockets of…

Area of responsibility

In Windsor West: –From Judges to Kings Avenues –From Beyers Naude to the golf club In Windsor East: –From Judges to Kings Avenue –From Republic Road to May Street •From…